Response to Blue Team 2D Opening Bid


2H= "Where's your shortness?"
     2S= 16-19 hcp w major singleton
          2N= which major?
               3C= heart singleton
               3D= spade singleton
     2N= 16-19 hcp w singleton club
     3C= 16-19 hcp w singleton diamond
     3D= 20-24 hcp w singleton heart
     3H= 20-24 hcp w singleton spade
     3S= 20-24 hcp w singleton club
     3N= 20-24 hcp w singleton diamond
     After opener's singleton has been established
          Bidding opener's singleton= CAB#1
               Step 1= 2-3 controls
               Step 2= 4 controls... etc...
     After opener's singleton has been establishe, bidding one of opener's suits sets trumps
          .....start cue bid sequence
2S= 0-5 hcp, preference for spades
     If short, bid 3C
2N= 0-5 hcp, preference for hearts
     If short, bid 3C
3C= 0-5 hcp, preference for clubs
     If short, bid 3D
3D= 0-5 hcp, preference for diamonds
     If short, bid 3H

Interfering Suit Bid?
     New suit other than suit above= Natural, game force
     New suit directly above interfering bid= "Please bid suit below your shortness"
     X= penalty
     2NT= 8-9 w a stopper
     3NT= 10+ hcp w a stopper.