Index Response to Positive Suit Bid over 1C opener return
1H,1S,2C,2D in response to 1C opening bid are positive transfers to the next highest ranking suit
......Accepting the transfer suit by bidding it is a Control Asking Bid (CAB#1) (must have at least 3 card support)

Step 1= 0-2 controls (A=2, K=1)
Step 2= 3 controls
Step 3= 4 controls, etc up to Step 6= 7 controls

......Repeating the trump suit at the lowest level is Trump Asking Bid #1
  1 step- 5/6/7 trump w no honors
2 step- 5 w one honor
3 step- 5 w two honors
4 step- 6 w one honor
5 step- 6 w two honors
6 step- AKQ w 5+
......Repeating the trump suit at the lowest level again is Trump Asking Bid #2
  If no honors?
   1 Step= 7 cards
   2 Step= 6 cards
   3 Step= 5 cards
If one honor?
   1 Step= A
   2 Step= K
   3 Step= Q

If two honors?
   1 Step= AK
   2 Step= AQ
   3 Step= KQ
   1 step= 7 cards
   2 step= 6 cards
   3 step= 5 cards
......Any non-trump suit bid by Asker after CAB#2 is CAB#2, asking for contols in that suit
If <5C

1step- No controls
2 step- xx or Q (3rd rnd)
3 step- x or k (2nd rnd)
4 step- Void or A (1st rnd)
5 step- AK or AQ
......Repeating the suit asks for clarification w Step 1= length, Step 2 showing strength (Stiff K=step 2)

If >5C
1 step- No controls
2 step- 2nd rnd (x or K)
3 step- 1st rnd (x or K)