Response to 1H relay
After 1C-1D, 1H says opener has 5+ hearts OR a strong balanced hand w or w/o 5 hearts
1S=Default response unless responder can bid one of the following:
  1N= 0-4 hcp w 5-5 major
2C/D/H/S= very weak (no outside queens) w modest six card suit
2N= moderately weak w 5-5 minors
3C/D/H/S= very weak (no outside queens w 7 card suit
.....After 1C-1D-1H-1S, Opener's options:
  1NT= 20-21 HCP, balanced, may have 5 hrts
      2C= puppet staymen
      2N= five spades and four hearts
2C= five hearts and four clubs, NF
2D= five hearts and four diamonds, NF
2S= five hearts and four spades, NF
2N= 24-25, bal. (note: 1C-1D-2NT=22-23)
3C/D= 5 hearts and 5 of bid suit
3H= 6 hearts, invitational
3S= 5 hearts and 4 spades with extras
3N= 30-31 hcp
4C= 6 clubs and 5 diamonds forcing
4D= 6 diamonds and 5 clubs, forcing
4H to play
4N= Blackwood, not RKC