1M Opener
Enhanced Precision: X Interfence (TRITOD)
X After 1D, 1H, or 1S Opening bid: TROTOD
      Note: B4MR and B3MR still ON, and since transfer to NT available (8-12 or 16+), 2NT is part of B4MR
  rP= <8 hcp and no 5+ card suit worth mentioning.
  r1S= Tx to NT; denies 4 card major w balanced hand and 8-12 or 16+ hcp, (I made up what follows...)
    o1N= Minimum hand, balanced, allowing responder to pass, denies 6 of bid opening suit.
    oOpeningSuit= 6+ without 4 card side suit, weak
    o2NewSuit= 4card side suit, unbalanced, or 13-15 balanced
    o2N= Balanced 13-15 without 4 card side suit.
    o3OpeningSuit= 6+ without 4 card side suit, 13-15
  rXX= Transfer to next suit (including NT, which allows stronger hand to be declarer)
  r1N/2C/2D= transfer to next highest suit, promising 5+ of them??????????????
    oAccept transfer= 3 card support. If w/o 3card support, opener bids what he would have bid if pd bid the transfer suit.
      Support x/xx in effect
    oJump acceptance= 4 card support balanced and weak (10-13 hcp)
    oAll other Bids= as would have responded if pd had bid the suit naturally. (e.g. 1D-X-1H-p-2H=4 card support, shortH)
        e.g. 1D-X-1H-p-2N= 14-15 hcp with either 4 or 0-2card support...etc
  rHigherLevelTransfers to Major= 6+ cards, invitational
  rHigherLevelTransfers to minor = 6+ cards, weak
  r3N= 13-15 hcp, natural, denies 3 cards support or balanced (really? opener might only have 11 hcp?????)
  rTrans to N, followed by 4M= 13-15 with 3 card support.
    Optional system after transfer to 1N (with support)
      r2BelowOpener'sMajor= 8+ hcp, 3 card support, with x or void in bid suit
      rAbove2Opener'sMajor= 8+ hcp, 4+ card support, with x or void in bid suit
      rRebidOpener'sMajor= x or void in other major, uncertain points and support but game force
        rPass if RELAY is trump suit and 8-9 hcp otherwise:
        rStep 1/2/3/4...= 8-9;10-11/12-13/14-15 etc
TROND Transfer Responses over negative double
  These are the same except for the ranges are three points instead of 2.