1M Opener
Enhanced Precision: Suit Interference over 1M
1M opener or overcall by Partner with subsequent 1S/1N interference by responders right hand opponent:
  3 Card Support Note: with Hx support & extra 1-2 SP & ruffing value, can make these bids with two card support.
    X of 1N= Transfer to clubs
    1N/2m= transfer. Opener accepts transfer if would have passed non-forcing free bid, otherwise, bid what he would have.
      if opener accept tx to suit other than trump or refuses to accept transfer, responder 2nd suit bid invitationl w/o support
    Single Raise= 5-7 support points (these are SP, not hcp)
    Tx to 2 of suit, followed by 2M= 10-11 SP with some strength in transfered suit (strength, not necessarily length)
    Tx to 2M= 8-9 SP
    Tx to 2M, followed by 2N= 12-13 SP
    Tx to 2M, followed by 3M= 14-15 SP
    Tx to 2M, followed by 4M= 16-17 SP
    Tx to 2M, followed by Any new suit= 18-19 SP (is this a cue bid, strength or shortness?, i would assume cue bid)
    Tx to 2M, followed by 3N= 13-15 if pd opened (16-17 for overcall); 3 card support and "no trumpish"
2nd Level Interference:
  P= weak/trap. Opener strains to reopen x when possible unless long and/or strong in overcalled suit
  X= negative with both other suits or 11+ HCP (not SP)
  B4MR if available as a jump
  3 level cue bid= Limit raise 3 card support or 4 card support if B4MR not available, invitational.
  3N= to play
Micheal's Cue Bid Interference:
  X= 8-10 SP w 3 card support.
  Cue Bid of Implied Major= 11-13 (or 16+) SP w 3 card support
  2N= Tx, Long Club suit or NT hand or 4+card support with 12-13 (or 18+) SP (e.g.1S-p-2S-2N-3C-p-3D=3nt invitational???
  3C= Tx, Long Diamond suit or 4+ card support w 10-11 (or 16-17) SP
  3D= 4+ card support w 8-9 (or 14-15) SP
  3M(opener's M)= 4+ card support with 4-7 hcp
  3N= 14-15 SP w three card support
  4M= 5+ hcp with Max 5 HCP (these are not SP)...not 5322, not slammish
    3card support: x=8-10, CueBid=11-13, 3N=14-15, CueBid=16+
    4card support: 3M=4-7, 3D=8-9, 3C=10-11, 2N=12-13, 3D=14-15, 3C=16-17, 2N=18+
    5card support: max 8 hcp=4M; 9+hcp=as above for 4+hcp.
    <3card support, NT invitational (10-13) v NT game force (13+) ????????????????????
Unusual 2NT:
  3C= invitational or better in hearts, either in support or new suit
  3D= invitational or better in spades, either in support or new suit
  3M(opener'sM)= competetive, not constructive
  3OtherM= 6+ suit, competitive, not constructive, not forcing
  X= not minimum, shortness in overcalled suit e.g. 5431 or 5540
  P= balanced or any hand hoping for reopening x
  Other bids= as if no interference occurred