Enhanced Precision Interference After 1D Opening Bid
  rX= 4+ spades (may have five of them...)
    o1S= 3 card support        
    o2H= 4 card support, unbalanced        
    o2S= 4 card support, semi-balance        
  r1S= denies four spades, transfer to NT (see transfers, below)
  rX= negative X, 4 hearts. With NT hand, bid 1N after opener's reopening x.????
  rPass= weak or trap pass. Opener strains to X in pass out seat.
  rXX= transfer to Hearts, enough values for non-forcing free bid,as are the others.
  r1H/1S/1N/2C= transfers to suit above, showing weak one suited hand.
      Low level transfer are weak one suited, or 11+ hcp two suiter, or 1st step in GF with longest suit
      With 11+hcp/two suited hands, bid second suit after transfer, forcing
      Transfering to 1N then bidding 2N is invitational to 3N with stoppers
      Raise of transfer suit by responder is invitational
        INTERFERENCE immediately after the Transfer (before it is accepted)
          Bid responder's suit= four card support
          X/XX= 3 card support
          X then bid the suit= unbalanced Minimum w 4 card support (confusion, misprint on page 34)
          Bid other major= Unbalanced Maximum w 4 card support, splinter.
  rTx to 2 of overcalled M= cue bid, asking: shows 1/2 stopper when followed by cue bid, 1 stopper when later 2N/3N
    oBid Major= 1/2 stopper
    o2N/3N= Full stopper
  r2D/2H/2N= high level transfer, pre-emptive, not constructive (notice missing 2S! See below.)
  r2S/3S/4S= asks opener to bid best minor.
  r3N/6N= to play
  r4N/5N= invitational to 6N/7N?
o1D-2 level interference...Lebensohl?
o1D-r1H/1S- 4th Seat interference
  Raise= 4 card support
  X/XX= three card support
  Pass= 11-13 hcp, 0-2 card support
  1N= 12+-13 hcp, w stopper in overcalled suit, denies 3 card support
  Higher bids ("Two of other major and higher")= same as without interference