Enhanced Precision GF 2D and Higher Responses
  After o1N rebid, all bids higher than 2C are game forcing except 1D-1H-1N-2H & 1D-1H-1N-3C/3D drop dead!
o1D-1H-1S/1N-2D forcing (GF)
  o2H= 3 card support over 1H response or 4 hearts over 1S response (priority? telling 4 hearts or 3 spades?, see next line)
        r2S= "I have 5 spades, please support with 3, otherwise bid 2N" (i just made this up.)
  o2S= 3 card support over 1S response or 3 GOOD spades over 1H response (with 4 would have bid 1S on second bid)
  o2N= denies 3 card major ("might be 2254 with weak 5 card m if initial rebid was 1N", "denies good sp if initial rebid 1S"
  o3C/3D= 22(45) with strong five card suit which could be clubs or diamonds
    After 1D-1H-1N (rebids higher than 2D) (all game forcing except 2H)
  r2H=5+hearts, drop dead (all other higher bids are game forcing!) (If stronger would go through 2C or 2D)
  r2S= 6 hearts and 5 spades exactly (remember opener already denies 4 spades) (If more unbalanced, go through 2C)
  r2N= 1444 or 04(54) GF (remember: start with 2c relay then 2N to invite)
    o3N= "I have spades stoppped"
  r3C/3D= 4 hearts and 6+ clubs or diamonds, drop dead
  r3H= 6+hearts, slam try, request cue bid
  r3S= 6+ solid hearts, no outside ace or king...."Please bid 3NT or 4H"
  r3N= to play. sign off.
  r4C= Key Card Gerber in hearts
  r4D= Key Card Gerber in diamonds
      After 1D-1S-1N-2D (called Game Forcing New Minor)
  o2H= "I have four hearts" 1st priority
  w 11-12 hcp
    o2H= four hearts (11-13hcp NV) (12-13hcp V)
    o2N= denies four hearts and denies three spades
  w 12+-13
    o3C= 2345 (five clubs, three hearts)
    o3D= 2354 (five diamonds, three hearts)
    o3S= supermax with 3 card spade support, denies 4 hearts (which is simply 2H response) ???why not 1D-1S-2S???
Note: Any 2D second bid by responder is a game force regardless of opener's second bid!
      After 1D-1S-1N- (this is unique to the o1D-r1S opening bids, different than 1D-1H-)
  r2H= 5+hearts w 5+spades invitational (remember with 5+sp/4+h go through 2C)
  r2S= sign off.
  r3H= 5+hearts w 5+spades. game force, mild slam try, demanding a cue bid (1D-1S-1N-2C-2D-3H is stronger!)
  r4H= "please pass or bid 4S, not slam try"
      Gerber after 1D-1Major-1N
  4C= Key Card Gerber for Major
  4D= Key Card Gerber for Diamonds
Remember standard Gerber (just A's), for clubs go through 2C-2D...4C=Key Card G