1M Opener
Enhanced Precision: 1M-Two over One Response
Two over One Response
o1M-2C/2D/2H(over 1S)-
    Game Forcing from unpassed hand, otherwise not.
  o2M= does not promise six of them
  o2N=13-15 hcp, 5322 w half stoppers in unbid suits
  o3N= 11-12 hcp, 5322 w half stoppers in unbid suits
  oJump Raise to Game= good trump support, good source of tricks (2 of top 3 honors) without outside controls
o1M-3N= 13-15 hcp, 33(43) w stoppers in all side suits.
  ....specifically for heart response over 1S....
    o2S= 5+ spades, 0-2 hearts, not promising 6 spades! gotta bid something.
    o2N/3N= 13-15hcp/11-13hcp, 5322 with stoppers in unbid suits.
    o3H= 14-15 hcp, three card support without singletong or void, 53(23) (invitational to slam)
    o3C/D= 13-15 hcp, denies 3 card support
    o3S= Solid Spades with outside A or K
    o4C/D= 13-15, splinter with 3+ card support (what if 11-13 with good 3 or 4 card support? I'd made same bid)
    o4H= 11-13 hcp, three card support, weaker than 3H
    o4S= Solid Spades without outside A or K