1M Opener
Enhanced Precision: 1M-Response with Support
      Raises with 3 Card Support
  r2M= exactly 3 card support (unless 11-12 hcp/4333) w 10-12 support points (9-12 if passed hand)
        Opener can pass, communicate suit shortness, or ask about location of responders strength....always pass w 11-12...)
    oAny above relay = Short suit game try with 1H-2H-2N= singleton or void in spades
    o3M= trump quality game try
o1H-2H-2S is a relay; "where is your stuff?"
o1S-2S-2N is a relay; "where is your stuff?"
  r3M Bidding the trump shows minimum scattered
  r3AnyOtherSuit= concentrated here
  r3N= maximum, scattered
  rAnySuit above 3 of trump shows max values with singleton or void.
      Interference after 3 Card Trump Support Bid
1M-P-2M-P-P-Interference or 1M-P-2M-X-P
  X= penalty
  P= minimum
  Other bids= natural game tries
      Raises with 4+ Card Support (Beall Major Raise or B4MR)
  Support points-SP: 1/2/3 for each xx,x,void; 1 for each trump after 3; 1 for each 4 card outside suit headed by A or K
  r3M= 3-7 SP if NV; 5-7 SP if V
  r3M-1= 8-9 SP (1H-3D or 1S-3H) (We lose our weak jump shift...when was the last time we used it? long ago i think)
  r3M-2= 10-11SP (1H-3C or 1S-3D)
    o3M= to play
    oRelay= bid game with minimum, max with max
    oANYother bid= Natural game force slam try (Hard to imagine with 11-15 hcp opening bid)
  r3M-3= 12-13 (1H-2N or 1S-3C)
    o3M= to play; 11-12 hcp
    oAll below 3M are natural, invitation to 4; (?11-12 hcp with shape, or 12-13 with some shape)
    oAll above 3M are natural game force, slam tries
  r3M-4= 14+ SP, 4+ trump, Jacoby 2N equivalent, "Bid your singleton" if you have it. (1H-2S or 1S-2N)
    o2N over 2H= singleton spade, others natural
    o3M= 6+M, no singleton
    o3N= 5322 or 5422 max. One of the long suits not so strong.
    o4M= minimum hand, no singleton
    oJump in New Suit= Two strong suits, no singleton
  r4M= 0-8 SP, 5+Major, not 5332. (So what if 5332? I'd bid it anyway, NV)
      After any of the above B4MR raises, 3N asks for shortness and jumps are GF nat, slam tries
      B4MR are ON with interference if the jump is possible. If not, cue bid= limit raise