Enhanced Precision: 1Major Opening
o1H= 5+h with 11-15 hcp
  r1S= 6+ hcp, 4+S
    o1N= likely 5332 (11-15 hcp), possibly 5431, 11-13 hcp w weak 4 card minor and singleton support of spades
      r2C/2D= New minor forcing.
      r3C/3D= drop dead (4-6 major/minor)
    o2C/2D= 4+ cards, 11-15, NF
    o2H= 6+ hearts without good 4+ side suit, 11-15, NF (does this deny 3 spades?, i think so)
    o2S= 11-15 w 3 card support or 11-12 w 4 card support (5422) NF
      r2N= relay, asking bid
        o3C= weakest response...11-13 hcp w 3 card support
          r3D= relay, asking bid
            o3H= Club singleton/void (11-13hcp)
            o3S= Diamond singleton/void (11-13hcp)
            o3N= 35(32) or 3622 (11-13hcp)
        o3D/4C= 14-15 hcp, singleton or void Diamond/Club
        o3H= 6 Hearts (3622)Weak hearts "or would have rebid 3H rebid earlier" when? (11-15hcp or only 13-15 hcp?)
        o3N= 14-15 hcp, 35(32)
        o4S= 11-12 hcp with 4 spades (45220. NF
      rAll bids above 2N after 1H-1S-2S are shortness and slam exploration.
    o2N= 13-15hcp with 0-2 or 4 card spade support with singleton/void (remember: 2S= 4 spades and 11-12 hcp)
      r3H= rejection of game tries. Opener passes w good Hearts or signs off at 3S
      r3C= relay, asking bid
        o3D= 4 card support, minimum (?13-14 hcp?) with singleton or void
          r3H= ok, where is it?
            o3S/N= Club/Diamond singleton
            o4C/D= Club/Diamond void
        o3H= Strong Heart hand (only promising 5+?) with 0-2 Spades
        o3S= 4 card support, maximum (?15 hcp?), with singleton.
          r3N=ok where is it?
            o4C/4D= clubs/diamonds
        o4C/D= 4 card support, worse than KQxx, w Club/Diamond void
        o4H/S= 4 card support at least as good as KQxx, with Club/Diamond void
    o3C/3D= 5+ Clubs/Diamonds, 13-15 hcp, concentrated in two suits, NF
    o3H= 6+ good hearts and exactly 3 spades (similar to 1D-1H/S-3D)
    o3S= "maximum" (13-15?) w 4 card support, 5422. With singleton or void bid 2N
    1N Forcing!
    Two over One Forcing
    Other Raises with Support