Enhanced Precision 1D-1M- Higher Responses
      1D-1M-2 of other M
  o2OtherM = splinter with four card support (11-15 hcp), splinter suit to be determined
    r2S= to play (1D-1H-2S-3H is to play
    r2N= asking bid for strength and length
      o3C= 11-13 hcp
        r3D "where is your shortness?" (THIS IS DIFFERENT THAN IN BOOK. I LIKE LOWER FOR LOWER! )
          3H= singleton club
          3S= Singleton other major
      o3D= 14-15 hcp singleton club (lower for lower)
      o3H= 14-15 hcp, singleton in other major (higher for higher) (i think misprint in book which says singleton or void)
      o3S= 14-15 hcp, void in lower ranking suite (not diamonds)
      o3N= 14-15, void in higher ranking suit
        ***Rebids higher than the first relay (2N) are GF, natural.
        After response to relay(s), all bids cue bids, slam interest
      Other rebids after 1D-1M (there are parellels between 1D-1M-2N and 1H-1S-2N... responses clarify)
o1D-1H o1D-1S
  o2N= 14-15 hcp w 6 d & either 0-2 or 4 card support. (rem: 3D= same w three card support) o2N
    r3C= tell me more...asking     r3C
        o3D= 0-2 card supp. then natural (all others 4 card support)       o3D
      o3H= 4 support w singleton club o3S
      o3S(otherM) = 4 card support with singleton in other major o3H
      o3N= 4 card support with void club (lower for lower) o3N
      o4C= 4 card support with void other major (higher for higher) o4C
        Further bidding is cue bidding and key cards
  o3C= 13-15 hcp w 5-5 minors (presume without 3 card support?), NF   o3C
  o3D= 13-15, good 6+ diamonds, exacly 3 card support   o3D
    r3H= NF     r3S
    r3N= NF     r3N
    r3S(otherM)= what is your singleton? (If responder doesn't relay, all bidding natural, cue bidding)     r3H
      o3N= 2362       o3N
      o4C= club singleton or void (lower for lower)       o4C
      o4D= singleton or void other Major)       o3S
      o4H= Void club with good 3 card support KJx or better       o4D
      o4S= Void other major with good 3 card support KJx or better       o4H
    All other bids are cue bid, slam exploration.
  o3H= 13-15 hcp with 5422
without 2 of the top three honors
    further bidding cue bid slam try
with 2 of the top three honors