Enhanced Precision 1D-1M-2M Responses
  1D-1M-2M (same Major) is one of 5 hands.... (use relay for more information)
    4 card support, 11-12hcp (2452) 11-13hcp, balanced (4333,4432)
    3 card support, 11-13 hcp, 4333 w 1 or 2 unstoppped suits (rare) or weak doubleton
    3 card support, unbalanced, 11-15hcp, (5431,5530), 11-13 hcp w weak diamonds (6311,6322)
      6311,6322 must have minimal playing strength
      5530 hands must have at least one high card in the Major.
      (with weak 3card support in Major, points in minors, simply bid 2C really?????      
    with longer/stronger support make another bid.... go to 1D-1M-Higher responses...
o1D-1H-2H-r2S (2S is relay, asking bid...)
  o2N= all 11-13 hcp hands w 3 card support, unbalanced (1st step) WEAK, UNBALANCED
    r3C= second asking bid, "tell me more"
      o3D= 6 weak diamonds, 2-2 in outside suits (step 1) (lower is for lower in this sequence)
      o3H= singleton or void club (step 2)
      o3S= singleton or void spade (step 3)
      o3N= void clubs, good trump (step 4)
      o4C= void spade, good trump (step 5)
  o3C= 14-15 hcp w 3 card support w singleton or void in clubs (2nd step) STRONG UNBALANCE
  o3D= 14-15 hcp, w 3 card support, 6 diamonds, 22 in outside suits (6322). Diamonds are worse than KJ10xxx (3rd step)
  o3H= 11-12 hcp,4 card support BALANCE, ALWAYS WEAK
    or = 11-13 hcp, balanced, 3 card support, with weak xx or xxx
  o3S= 14-15 hcp, 3 card support, singleton spade.
  o3N= 14-15 hcp, good 3 card support (KJx), void clubs VERY STRONG, BALANCED
  o4C= 14-15 hcp, good 3 card support(KJx), void spades
  o4D= 11-12 hcp, 5422 (with 13-15, 5422, 1D-1H-3H)
  o4H= 13-14hcp, 4 card support, balanced (4432 or 4333)
o1D-1S-2S-r2N (2N is asking bid..)
  o3C= all 11-13 hcp, 3 card support, unbalanced
    r3D= second asking bid, "tell me more"
      o3H= singleton or void Club (lower for lower)
      o3S= singleton or void Heart (higher for higher)
      o3N= 6322 (like the 3D bid in the heart sequence)
      o4C= void in club with good 3 card support (KJx or better)
      o4D= void in Heart with good 3 card support (KJx or better)
  o3D= 14-15 6322 with weak diamonds (remember w strong diamonds, three card support, 1D-1M-3D)
  o3H= 14-15 with singleton or void in clubs (lower for lower)
  o3S=11-12 hcp w4 card support, balanced or
      or 11-13 w 3card support and weak xx
      or 11-13 4333 with good trumps but weak side suit.
  o3N= 14-15 with singleton or void in hearts (higher for higher)
      (book says singleton but i think misprint, actually singleton or void)
  o4C= 14-15 hcp, void in club with good three card support
  o4D= 4252, 11-bad13 hcp
  o4S= 13-14 hcp, 4 card support, balanced (4333 or 4432)
    General rule for 1M-2M-relay: Bids after the first relay:
      Step 1= 11-13 three card support, unbalanced (not 4333,4432,5332)
      o3M= minimum 4 card suport as in 11-12 hcp, 4333
        or 11-13 w 3 card support and weak xx
        or good three card support with one or two completely unstopped suits
          Responder can pass, bid 3N or 4M, opener may correct to 4M if good four card suit
      3D/3N (whichever is lowest)= 6322 11-13 or 13-15 depending on whether bid after 1st or 2nd relay)
      All other bids show 14-15 hcp, three card support, unbalanced