Enhanced Precision Response to 1D
o1D (11-15, no 5cM, balanced w 2+diam (11-13NV, 12-13V),rule of 15 in 4th seat)
  r1M= 4+hcp w 4+M. Forcing.
    o1S= 4 spades (over 1H). Not forcing.
    o1N= 11-13 bal (12-13V), w 2-3 cards in bid M (if singleton, must be honor), denies 4 spades over to 1H
      r1C= forcing, generally invitational to game w exceptions (go to XYZ... )  
      r2D= forcing, forcing to game with (go to GF 2D...)  
      rHigher than 2D... (go to GF 2D and Higher)

o2C= 11-15hcp, unbalanced with 9+m, (unless 1444 w stiff honor, after 1D-1S). Not forcing

        note: with bad 5 card minor, 2245, might bid 1N instead of 2C
    o2D= Denies great playing strength, 6+ diamonds (unless 1453 after 1D-1S, denies 3 card support
    o2M= weak hand with three or 4 card support (for responses go to 1D-1M-2M...)
    o2N= max strength w 6+ diamonds & 0-2 or 4 card major support (for responses go to 1D-1M-Higher Responses...)
    o3D= Good playing strength with 3 of responder's major (for responses go to 1D-1M-Higher Responses...)
  r1N= 6-10 hcp, no 4 c Major        
    oP= 11-13 (12-13V) balanced        
    o2C= 54 or better in clubs/diamonds        
    o2D= 6+ diamonds w minimal hand or weak suit w max hand        
    o2H/2S/3D= Max hand worth 3D bid (3D is shortness in clubs)        
    o2N= Max hand, 6+ diamonds, no singleton        
    o3C=Max hand, 55 or better minors, NF        
    o3H/S= solid 7+ d with outside ace and shortness in bid suit        
  r2C/2D= 4+ C/D, 12-13 hcp(?), one round force: balanced two unstopped suits, or unbalanced; invitation to 3N.
    o2D= 5+ diamonds, unbalanced, no club support
    o2N= balanced, 11-12, if 12 poor texture without 9's,10's
    o2H/2S= unbalanced, 11-15, singleton in bid suite; or void 11-13 with 3 card support in responder's minor
    o3H/3S= 6+ solid diamonds, outside ace, shortness in bid suit
    o3minor= 4+ in minor bid by responder, unbalanced without singleton or void (5422 or 6322 after 1D-2D)
    o3N= balanced, 12-13. If 12, good shape and intermediates.
  r2H= 4-9hcp with 4+hearts and 5+spades. Pre-emptive, NF (all invitational and forcing hands go through 2C or 2D!)
    o2S= Not forcing (2+spades)
    o3C/3D= Not forcing, unbalanced (denying 3 hearts or two spades, I would presume)
    o3H/3S= 2-4 card support, Pre-emptive, not invitational
    o4H/4S= to play
    o2N= asking.... (forcing. since 2H is weak and preemptive, 2N is never an invitation to play here)
      r3H= minimum, not forcing "Pass or bid 3S"
      r3C/3D= 6-7 hcp with singleton/void in clubs/diamonds "I am weak but I have shape"
      r3N= 55 max "Pass or choose your best major" (If 5-6, would bid 4H?)
      r4C/4D= 8-9 hcp with void in clubs/diamonds
      r4H= 8-9 hcp, pass or correct to 4S (shape at least 5-6?)
  All other bids pre-emptive, except NT as follows.
  r2N= 11-12 hcp, balanced without 4 card major, invitational (1N= 6-10; 2C/D= 12-13)
    o3C/3D= play or correct
    o3Major= shortness, max values, GF
      r3N= to play with two stoppers in short major. Other bids natural.
    o3N= 13-15. (Might have 24 hcp total. too bad.)
  r3N= to play
  XYZ-forcing 2C by Responder on second bid (at least invitational, less strong than 2D, w exceptions)
o1D-1H-(1S/1N)-2C forcing to o2D
  2D rebid by responder after 1N by opener (called New Minor Forcing Artificial Game Force)
o1D-(1H/1S)-1N-2D (GF)
    1D-1M-Other high level supportive responses
    Interference over 1D